Who We Are

What makes us unique?

We are a leading Health & Wellness organization, offering FREE therapeutic athletic training, education, and mentorship to empower youth and young adults. Our mission centers on their holistic well-being, with elite training from licensed professionals and access to therapy counseling sessions. We also provide guidance for their collegiate journey.

Our Health & Wellness events offer a transformative journey for mental and physical wellness.

Our comprehensive services encompass Sports Therapy Initiative, Technical Sports Training, Power Up Youth Fitness Clinic, College Max, Sports Therapy Initiative, and Sustaining Communities service. We cover fitness, basketball, track & field, soccer, football, and flag football training, supplying sporting equipment, nutritional support, access to local youth sports leagues, and financial education. Each location offers tutoring and homework support in partnership with 'I'm A Movement Not A Monument,' prioritizing the overall well-being of our participants.

We take pride in supporting local teams, for-profit businesses, and organizations in their fundraising endeavors through our Sustaining Communities Service. Youth and young adults from your community are welcome to attend our service locations for free.


Our Current Program Services We Offer

Sports Therapy Initiative Services

Comprehensive Therapeutic Sports Therapy Program, featuring tutoring in collaboration with our partner 'I'm A Movement Not A Monument,' counseling sessions provided by our licensed therapist, and a creative business development course offered in partnership with 'The Creative Co-Laboratory LLC.

Technical Sports Training

Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Football, USA Track & Field, and Power Up Youth Fitness! Get the free training you need for yourself or your whole team!

College Max

Comprehensive Collegiate Financial Education and Scholarship Assistance. Empowering parents and students with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the intricacies of the college application process.

Sustaining Communities

Raising Funds to Support Underserved Youth and Young Adults, or Furthering Your Mission, Whether Nonprofit or For-Profit.

How we meet our Team Goals?

We prioritize maintaining the active involvement of parents and guardians as we navigate this journey of youth development. Parents can enroll in our complimentary College Max financial aid initiative, which offers a comprehensive, step-by-step information course on the application and acquisition of updated grants and scholarships for their youth. Additionally, they have the opportunity to participate in our family-oriented health and wellness events.

Pass It Forward Los Angeles (PIF L.A.) provides adults aged 18 and over with volunteer opportunities at SOFi stadium events and through our local community partnerships, facilitating exposure to our network and further professional development. Our commitment lies in continuously delivering sports therapy, education, life skills, and mental/physical health development services to support families while ensuring the active engagement of their youth.

Founder. La Tijera A.

She's a current USA Level 1 Paralympic Coach and leads PIF Foundation as the Executive Director. Her love of the game of basketball and sports was ever present since she was in middle school. This lead her to be a standout player on her high school varsity basketball team at Culver City and collegiate track and field team at the University Of Nevada, Reno. Pass It Forward is not only an organization she founded but a lifestyle she influences others to live. "May we all continue to Pass It Forward to our future leaders" -Coach L.A

Vice President. Miguel Garcia.

Embodies the core competencies and values of the PIF Foundation at all times and positively promotes the Foundation’s culture closely. Contributes to growing our nonprofit partnership network. Works with the President and the senior leadership of the PIF Foundation in creating the overall strategy and mission.

Treasurer/CFO. Cortney K.

She’s a former personal finance manager and current Pharmacy Tech in Louisiana. Cortney represents PIF Foundation as the signing officer and custodian of records. Responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements for PIF Foundation to operate effectively.

Head Of Operations. Paige P.

Behind every great brand is a team of makes and doers and Paige does it all! She formulates and recommends policies and programs which guide our organization in maintaining and improving its competitive position.  She directs activities so that approved deliverables are completed on schedule and within a quality standard. Paige has taken charge and assisted with our expansion to keep serving communities for free.

Volunteer Service Coordinator. Jazlean G.

Behind every great brand is a team of makes and doers and Paige does it all! She formulates and recommends policies and programs which guide our organization in maintaining and improving its competitive position.  She directs activities so that approved deliverables are completed on schedule and within a quality standard. Paige has taken charge and assisted with our expansion to keep serving communities for free.

Director of Health & Wellness . Ariyon T.

Since 2012, Ariyon has been serving the fitness industry as a personal trainer. He holds five national Academy of Sports Medicine certifications. Coach Ariyon specializes in weight loss, injury prevention, performance enhancement and nutrition with an emphasis in youth fitness. Bringing forth an aspect of mental conditioning as well, Ariyon aims to teach youth the importance, not only for their physical well-being but, of their mental health.

Director Of Education. Miguel G.

He leads and creates programming for PIF L.A  Education department. Miguel has been involved in the PIF program since inception. As a parent of two student-athlete he was inspired to create PIF post secondary education service for all youth. He believes in the values of sports and education as they support with discipline and teamwork. Miguel continues to positively influence PIF students and athletes promoting education beyond high school.

Creative & Marketing.  The Creative Co-Lab.

The Creative Co-Laboratory LLC oversees Pass It Forward Foundation’s creative, branding and marketing strategies. he Cro-Lab has played a crucial role in advancing our mission by providing expert assistance in creative design, branding, and marketing strategies. Their innovative approach and commitment to excellence have significantly enhanced our outreach efforts, helping us effectively communicate the urgency of addressing global warming and inspiring positive action within our community. Through this collaborative partnership, we have been able to amplify our message, engage a wider audience, and foster meaningful connections that contribute to our shared vision of a more sustainable and resilient future.

Operations Manager. Shawn W.

Shawn has 20 years of managerial experience. He currently manages service activities for community events and organizes events to increase staff motivation and engagement. Shawn’s dedication to positiv curated event continues to blossom throughout Los Angeles County.

Director Of Soccer Operations. Angel Z.

Angel Z. assumes a pivotal role as the Director of Soccer, diligently overseeing the day-to-day operations of the soccer recruiting office in strict adherence to directives provided by the Head of Operations. In this capacity, he intricately plans and executes a myriad of events and training sessions tailored to enhance the sport's outreach across diverse community sectors. With a keen eye for organizational efficiency, Angel Z. strategically devises and coordinates initiatives to foster engagement and development within the sport.

Director Of Football Operations. Zaire A.

The Football Director assumes a pivotal role in the efficient management of the Football recruiting office, operating under the directives of the head of operations. Zaire is tasked with strategic planning and seamless coordination of events and training initiatives across various community sectors. A key responsibility entails the establishment of volunteer opportunities for student-athletes, fostering their support for aspiring individuals in their developmental journey toward advancing to the next echelon in the sport.

Director Of Basketball Operations. Michael R.

He oversees the daily operation of the recruiting office, as instructed by the coaching staff. He plans and coordinates community relations and work with different areas in the community and create volunteer opportunities for the student-athletes.

Darlene Tolbert is an HR professional and Administrative expert with over 15 years of experience overseeing human resources functions and facilities management. She has worked in various industries throughout her career including: entertainment, healthcare, banking, and legal services.

She is currently an HR/Office Manager for an established law firm, with a background in Organizational Management from the University of La Verne. Darlene continues to make an impact on Pass It Forward establishing lasting partnerships with other organizations.

KNX hero inspires kids to be great through sports

LOS ANGELES (KNX) - A coach from Inglewood is inspiring kids to be great! She is our KNX Hero of the Week, and her passion to help others has taken her all the way to the Tokyo Paralympic Games!


Learn about upcoming program service dates, NFL game volunteering and Health and Wellness Days near you!

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