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    A nonprofit on a mission to provide healthy lifestyle options to underprivileged children thru the donations of new and used sports equipment. Since they started back in 2012, they’ve sent over 18,000 pounds of equipment to 125,000 childrenaround the world.

    Dicks Sporting Goods


    DICK'S Sporting Goods believes that Sports Matter! They feel that sports play a vital role in teaching our children fundamental values like a strong work ethic, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Today, DICK'S Sporting Goods shares our enthusiasm for and commitment to youth sports in the communities where we live and work by supporting organizations that make youth sports possible.

  • Local Partnering Organizations

    Building a positive community together!

    Kids on a Gerney


    Kids on a Gerney is a kid’s activities nonprofit organization that caters to the youth. We promote creativity, encouragement, adventure and positivity that will empower our little people to be great. Our goal is to nurture their growing expanding minds as well as give them the creativity, playful education needed to succeed in their future journeys into elementary, middle school, high school and even college!

    It’s Bigger Than Us

    South L.A

    Is a grassroots movement created by Crenshaw High School Alumni’s to help transform the social and economic conditions of South L.A through community outreach.

    Project 43 Team Post Centers

    Los Angeles

    Project 43 Team Post Centers is a non-profit organization committed to empowering underserved children, families and individuals by delivering programs and services designed to enrich, educate and advocate for equitable opportunities in Los Angeles County. Get involved today.

  • City Community Organizations

    Los Angeles County Organizations & Businesses PIF Foundation Supports


    Education Is Key

    Homeless Outreach Program

  • Nationwide Organizations

    Countrywide Organizations & Businesses the PIF Foundation Supports

    Basketball Training

    Hoop N Rite

    Sacramento California

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    Design, print and promotions


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