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Pass It Forward

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Absorb The Light

We are a future nonprofit program operating our of Los Angeles county. Our goal is to bridge the gap between youth, education, sports and community service. Our youth in the Los Angeles county community represent L.A. They are the emerging future leaders of the city. The youth who have joined our organization have taken on the responsibility to helping themselves and their community grow or P.I.F as we would say. They represent the positive light Los Angeles county gets to absorb as it grows. Black, our organization color is also a representation of that light. The color itself meaning the complete absorption of light. When our youth step on that court and into the city in their black uniforms they are making a positive statement about who they choose to be. We currently use basketball as our sport to bring the youth together. This allows them to gain experience working as a team, utilizing their knowledge to make decisions on and off the court. We also use the team as means to bring them together to support their communities as well. to be continued..

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