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"Familia ya mpira wa kikapu"

means "Basketball Family" in Swahili

· basketball,health,family,support

I've been looking to get this organization off the ground for years. Things finally start picking up and then my health declines. Five hospitals visits and stay in 2 months and no real answers as to why. Who do I call? Who do I count on? were my next questions. As I sit in Santa Monica thinking back in these last few weeks I'm shocked. The instant shock doesn't come from negativity but pure ah! Why and how did a group of individuals, who aren't obligated to help me, come together exactly when I needed. By my third day in the hospital I'm thinking my organization might just fall apart. I have no team of professionals, I was the team I thought. Next thing you know my phone is buzzing with calls, text, and emails laced with concern and stress. Should I drop everything and focus on my health and becoming a regular modern day citizen. One who just arises to work and take care of oneself or do I go "against all odds." Tears begin to pour as my body is flooded with antibiotics forcing its way through two IVs in separate arms. The morphine had me floating in the middle of the ocean screaming for help and no one could hear me. I was able to pull it together after a very comforting conversation with a parent. They confirmed I should relax and understand things will still go as planned with or without me. That's the unity that was built in the foundation and I couldn't see it. I Awake from what I thought was a bad reality to pure bliss. Ingrid, oh the lovely physical therapist, coordinated with other parents to keep everything I believed in going. Carol the sweet dancer, gave rides to athletes without transportation, Brock, the amazing aritech, coached our girls to their first AAU victory and my Dad supported every positive move. Anita, you 1980s all-star basketball forward, I can't thank you enough showing up as well. How could I not see this was family that stood before my very eyes. Why did I feel I would be neglected? They didn't leave when I was down before so I couldn't understand why these thoughts consumed me the way they did. Either way I'm thankful for the Pass It Forward L.A; parents, athletes, and supporters. Know without you all this wouldn't exist. Grateful they continue "creating unity in the L.A community" I pray you do the same Spread the message "Pass It Forward".

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